Brandon Thaxton, lead instructor, developed and designed Acting Up in the purpose of pushing purpose. He has been developing kids for the past 12 years. While major playing in the industry, Brandon has trained over 3,000 kids across the globe. He has worked with and developed kids in Atlanta, OKC, LA, Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, Antwerp, Belgium, Goddard School, Bear Creek, Mundy Mills, DSA, and many other dance schools, theaters, summer camps and class settings. His students have starred or co-starred in “IT”, IT2, Hawaii 5-0 , BAD MOM, WALKING DEAD, ATLANTA, and many more. He leads the mission and team in instilling the power of I am in each individual he encounters.



Brandon Thaxton


The social and emotional accelerated programs are designed for ​learners, expressers, explorers, and creators​ from the ages of 6-17. Students will experience the movie making process in every aspect, while learning social and analytical skills.

Future Actors, Actresses, Singers, Dancers, Writers, Directors, Producers, Make Up Artist, Set Designers, Cameramen, and even audio, this is the program everyone will want to be a part of! We introduce concepts and ideas to the future enthusiast through practical and hands on class experience.

All stages of the program implement and prepare students for GSE and CASEL test taking experience. The program starts with working and developing students in audition techniques, scene study, on-camera performance, and most importantly building confidence.The next stage of production, we move into developing our stories for our short films. Script writing is introduced, along with the process of improvisation bringing out the creativity. We are now growing actors and screenwriters. Now it’s time to show it all of with our production classes.

Acting Up introduces filmmaking with hands on experience with the equipment we use in the big leagues. We use the actors and scenes as subjects to introduce the idea of capturing the story through the lens and microphones. At the end of this process we have built an entire team that it takes to make a Movie. So why don’t we? The final programs, we spend making what we would like to think as the schools colt classics. Produced, written, and starred by the kids of the program!