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Career Starter Programs

Turning your passion for performing into a career as an entertainer requires a plethora of tools

and information. Acting Up’s Career Starter Program will provide you with all the tools

necessary to make it to the next level FAST! Our comprehensive program includes: headshots,

professional resumes, demo reels, and child-actor management. Our diverse network of

producers, directors, casting directors and agents are all working together to assist you during

your path to STARDOM and SUCCESS!

Acting Sessions
Private Sessions

Our energetic, hands-on, application-focused learning environment is unlike any other program

across the nation! Our sessions consist of more than games and exercises; rather, we offer tools

that range from stage presence to interacting with difficult industry professionals.

Parents and students will both learn how to navigate the entertainment industry, while acquiring

principles in work ethic, self-confidence, and goal attainment.

One-on-one training sessions are viable options for our students. Our private sessions are great for new performers who may be battling stage fright, or experienced performers who may be gearing up to land that lead role in the next major motion picture. Our private sessions can also be offered as a supplement to our weekly sessions to either catch up or get ahead!

Skype Sessions

Our online Skype sessions are excellent for performers who may experience scheduling conflicts

throughout the program. Even if you have a big audition in New York City, our staff will ensure

you’re polished and ready to go with our online option! In addition, online students will gain

training and experience with electronic submissions and remote auditions.

Demo Reels

Step up your marketing with an Acting Up demo reel. Our scenes are directed by experienced

film directors and captured with state-of- the-art production equipment providing our performers

with a tantalizing demo reel that will leave producers, casting directors, and agents begging for



They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; however, having a great headshot is vital in

landing gigs in the entertainment industry. Acting Up connects you with professional

photographers that blend software skills with an artistic eye to create stunning headshots. To

play with the professionals, you must be a professional.